Environmental and Social Imperatives

Our Mission is a simple one. We have only this planet to support us and must therefore maintain its habitability so that we may persist. The gargantuan scale of this mission requires that we collaborate as a species. We will not be able to collaborate with a broken social compact. This contextualises the environmental and social imperatives. 
Our efforts to restore the environment may or may not be sufficient and it is under this uncertainty that we must strive. We cannot allow the risk of futility to deter us. 
We have long worked against the planet to shape it to our requirements. Often, we influence the natural cycles of the planet without considering longer term and longer ranging consequences. The current rising temperatures and climate volatility are examples of our impact and neglect. Our future solutions need to consider these complexities so that the true and total costs of our actions can be recognised, measured and managed. We need to work with the planet as we shape it, and we need to recognise that sometimes we need to shape our behaviour to the requirements of the planet and all our co-tenants. 
We need all hands. Injustice and inequality risk alienating and losing the efforts of some of our number. This we cannot afford. The cost of the campaign is high and needs to be borne by all, but most of all by the strong. Not because they should but because they can.