South China Sea Accord – A Proposal

The South China Sea is recognized as Chinese territory. Disputing countries to give up their claims of sovereignty over disputed areas.

Neighbouring countries, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam are offered 999 year leases over their claimed territories for nominal payment with defined renewal terms. The intent is to provide free access and de facto sovereignty to all neighbouring regional economies while providing China with only formal or ceremonial ownership and the opportunity to domestically declare victory.

A regional navy is established with all members supplying assets. Leadership of the navy is on a 4 year rotational basis. The regional navy shall ensure the safe passage of all non-military traffic through the area.

Members’ military vessels not under the purview of the regional navy are not allowed within the zone except with prior notification of the regional navy.

An incursion of the area from non-member countries will be considered an attack on all.

The Accord is to be harmonized with a regional free trade and regional economic cooperation agreement.